Princess Bubblegum from Stakes

Here is the character design I was talking about in the video I posted a couple of days ago:


There's talk among hardcore Adventure Time fans about this being a hanbok. It's not. Not exactly. As explained in the video, this design came about when I combined a kimono with a hanbok. She was wearing a kimono in the storyboard (by the great Ako) and I thought it would be fun to mix it with a hanbok to create something unique to Ooo. (I thought it was cool that it reflected both of our heritage as well.) If you look carefully, the sleeves are not from hanboks, they're from kimonos, as is the waistband. Hanboks do not have waistbands. Also hanbok ties on the chest do not form a bow, they are tied to one side. Just wanted to clarify that. As to what Princess Bubblegum wearing this dress signifies, that's up to you. :)