"Mythomania was a tender and beautifully shot dark comedy about a flailing cartoonist in Los Angeles. Mythomania 2 is my most eagerly awaited second season at the moment."

"SUPER AMAZING...strong writing, all-too-recognizable characters...sharp, funny and looks great."
-The Beat

"Mythomania is a funny and very honest window into what life can be like for cartoonists, and how randomly one can face not only rejection but also opportunity. There’s a plot line in the first season that features a performance by Jason Shiga that’s really hilarious, and I hope to see more of the show soon."
-Comics Alliance


Mythomania is a dark comedy series about a group of friends bonded by their dreams of making it in the comic book industry.

Starring Jeremy Arambulo, Ace Gibson, Simone Lamar Carter, Vivian Bang, Anthony Giambusso, and Chris Peterson. Produced by Yukie Hashimoto and Derek Kirk Kim. Written and Directed by Derek Kirk Kim.

Mythomania also includes many cameos from real life cartoonists playing themselves such as Scott McCloud, Jason Shiga, Keith Knight, Martin Cendreda, John Pham, and Jen Wang.

Mythomania 1: Funnies Sunday

Andy Go is a hapless cartoonist who must choose between a budding romance and his first big break in a fledgling career. Will he make the right choice?

Mythomania 2: Black Raven

Tony Richmond is suffering from a terrible bout of writer's block. But the mysterious sightings of his superhero creation, and the plight of his long-suffering girlfriend, may hold the key to fixing his creative bind -- and his soul.



I've always been frustrated with the, well, cartoony way cartoonists have been portrayed in television and film. Outside of "Crumb" and "American Splendor," it's rare to encounter a depiction of someone obsessed with the comic artform that has any semblance of verisimilitude. The main problem, of course, is that most of those films and shows were not created by cartoonists. Mythomania is a show about cartoonists by a cartoonist.

Writing/directing/producing Mythomania was one of the most rewarding creative endeavors of my career thus far. As much as I love the comics medium, the incredible solitary nature of its process is something I've come to dread. In fact, one of the aspects of comics-making which I specifically wanted to explore in Mythomania was the toll the medium's monumental demands at the drawing board can take on a cartoonist's psyche and social life. Ironically, it's told through the most gregarious storytelling medium of all -- film.

-Derek Kirk Kim